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Reforming Property Taxes

Property taxes disproportionately impact seniors and others on fixed incomes.  It is unfair to burden homeowners with the responsibility of being the primary revenue source for public education.  That is why Marcy is cosponsored HB76 which would eliminate property taxes in Pennsylvania.

Currently, there are a number of proposals that would eliminate or drastically reduce property taxes and reform the way in which we fund public education. While any single bill or a combination of them could come to vote before the full House of Representatives, Marcy will support efforts to eliminate property taxes.

Investing in Education

Pennsylvania’s commitment to public education is enshrined in our state constitution.  Our state must make sure our students are provided with the resources they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. Marcy has supported increased investments in education while fighting to make sure it is distributed in a a fair manner focused on student achievement.

Combating The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis is gripping America and found in every corner of our society today.  Marcy Toepel has been a leader in fighting against this epidemic.  Along with her colleagues, Marcy has provided millions of dollars for much-needed funding for treatment and education, and she is committed to continuing to do more to help families and those afflicted with this horrible disease.

Ensure Casino Revenue Helps Montgomery County

Marcy Toepel successfully fought to ensure that Montgomery County retained local control of revenue generated from its Casino.  Starting this year, the new revenue will go to the county’s seven parks, four historic sites and 91 miles of hiking trails as well as the Laurel House and Mission Kids, nonprofits that assist local families in need.

Strengthening Our Economy Through Private Sector Growth

Recognizing that the private sector is best suited to create good-paying, permanent jobs, Marcy has joined her colleagues to make Pennsylvania more business-friendly.  
Legislation has been enacted to protect employers from the abuse of unfair lawsuits and eliminate waste in the Workers’ Compensation system.  Pennsylvania has also brought predictability and stability to the burgeoning natural gas industry in the Marcellus Shale region. While more remains to be done, Pennsylvania is on the road to treating businesses—and the jobs they create—as partners rather than adversaries.

Fighting Crime & Protecting Children

With experience in the criminal court system, fighting crime and protecting children is a special priority for Marcy.
Specifically, Marcy authored the Brad Fox Law, so named for 147th District resident and Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox.  Officer Fox was murdered by a criminal using a firearm obtained illegally from a ‘straw purchaser.’  Marcy’s legislation, Act 199 of 2012, imposed a five-year minimum sentence for those convicted of making a second or subsequent ‘straw purchase’ for someone not permitted to own a firearm.

Marcy also authored Act 105 of 2013 providing for tougher sentencing for those convicted of child pornography charges. 

Preserving Open Space & Fighting For Our Community

In addition to priorities of statewide importance, Marcy is always working to protect and promote the interests of our community.  Marcy authored Act 115 of 2013, which was supported by local government and the Natural Lands Trust, which allows municipalities to better utilize funds to protect open space.  She also authored Act 16 of 2013 which makes sure school districts receive payments in lieu of taxes for state-owned property.

Additionally, Marcy has sponsored legislation, House Bill 545, to make sure places like Green Lane Park are preserved and enhanced for the enjoyment of all residents by dedicating revenue from Montgomery County’s recently opened casino.

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